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Big D Cockring - Black

Big D Cockring - Black

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BIG-D cockring is thick super-soft rubbery flexTPR big enough to wrap around your cock and balls and push all you got up and out for the biggest D look and feelbut BIG-D also has gripper flanges on top that squeeze the base of your shaft for even bigger harder extra D.

BIG-D is oval shaped for better ergo fit, and its got extra padding on the back under your taint for more push-up and push-outthe base of this ring curves in for a bit extra squeeze at the bottom of your nuts and shaft, more squeeze means more bone.

Shaft-Gripper on top for more shaft squeeze
Rubbery bigger comfort-fit long wear cockring
Thicker where you need for more bigger bulge
Glossy slick flex TPR
Extra rim-squeeze and rubbery padding at the base


  • Length: 3.5
  • Width: 2
  • Circumference: 8
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