Ff-Plug-1 Fist Shape Buttplugs - Small - Red OX-1241-1-RED

Ff-Plug-1 Fist Shape Buttplugs - Small - Red

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FF PLUG is a realistic fist shaped buttplug designed to fill you up and stretch you out. Because FF PLUG is made from our signature pure platinum grade silicone, its soft n smooth to the touch but still firm enough to feel like a real balled fist stuffed up your guts. Slather this fucker in lube, hunker your ass down it and enjoy the sensation of your asslips spreading wide around a fat greasy fist.If youre new to having paws in your pucker we recommend FF PLUG I, its a smaller scaled fist thats perfect for guys lookin to train their ass to take a proper ffuckin. And for you hole hogs out there, we recommend FF PLUG IIfeels just like a real medium sized fleshy fist parked firmly up your insides. Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch