Fuckler Tickler Cockring Oxballs - Black OX-1066-BLK

Fuckler Tickler Cockring Oxballs - Black

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FUCKLER is a thick silicone cockring, not too tightbut with squirmy fingers that fondle your ballswank or fuck while wearing FUCKLER--it feels like the little tentacles are tickling and probing your ballsackyour balls rest heavy on 20 soft squishy blunt nubs pushing your junk forward, and the ring locks in the blood flow so your meat stays rock-hardit looks sick too Lube the thing inside and out, (use any lube, this is Oxballs pure platinum cure silicone, you can use any type or brand of lube with this one), stretch it over your junkuse it with the nubs behind your balls and it feels great for youflip it and wear with the nubs around the top of your meat and fuck your favorite hole every thrust and your gonna tickle some lucky pucker bottoms love this one Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch