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Glams Xchange Heart - Medium - Black

Glams Xchange Heart - Medium - Black

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Match your mood and your booty with Glams Xchange. A fashionable accessory to entice and romance. Made from premium grade silicone featuring three interchangeable colorful gems.

Material: silicone
Swappable gems included
3 different colors to choose from

MEASUREMENTS: 3.19" x 1.38" x 1.38" (8.10 cm x 3.51 cm x 3.51 cm)


  • Length: 3.19
  • Width: 1.38
  • Special Features: For maximum pleasure, use lubricant with this product.
  • How to clean: Wash toy after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water. Pat dry with soft, cotton towel and allow to air dry completely.
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