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Electro Erotic Power Tripper

Electro Erotic Power Tripper

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What if you could make your partner literally tingle every time you touched them.. The Power Tripper takes electro stimulation to a whole new level allowing you to generate sensually stimulating sparks wherever and wherever your skin comes in contact with another persons. When its plugged into the Wand and placed against your bare skin your partner feels a delicious electric tingle flowing from your tongue or fingertips every time you kiss lick or touch them - just imagine the tormenting but sensual possibilities such as mind-blowing oral electro sex. Depending on your wands power setting sensations produced range from gently stimulating to a potent bite.


  • Length: 3.25
  • Width: 2
  • Color: Black
  • How to clean: Gently clean the metal plates after each use with at least 75 percent rubbing alcohol.
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