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Optimum Series Original Oro Simulator

Optimum Series Original Oro Simulator

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Experience intensified orgasmic pleasure with the Original Oro Simulator. The super easy to use masturbator is designed for maximum pleasurable grip and suction action, whenever you are in the mood for erotic self-gratification. To indulge your wildest desires, simply slip on the soft and flexible sleeve sheath and pump away to ultimate ecstasy. The more you squeeze, the more you tease and please!

The pliable cylindrical simulator sheath is attached to a flexible air hose and standard size squeezable bulb. To experience exotic tingles and sensations, slide the erect penis inside the sheath, and squeeze the bulb to apply sensuous pumping pressure. Designed to mimic the feelings of a real blow job, it is ideal for first-time and experience users, and is great for experimental intimate solo play. The flexible engulfing sleeve delivers intense sucking action that increases pleasure with every single bulb squeeze.

Take your playtime fun to new heights by indulging in unlimited sucking seduction.

Features & Benefits:
Pumps Up to Enormous Proportions!
Hand Pump Perfectly Creates Sucking Sensation
Mouth-like Sheath
Flexible Air Hose
Free Lubricant Included
Pump Measurements: 4" x 2" / 10cm x 5cm


  • Length: 4
  • Width: 2
  • Color: Beige
  • Purpose: Pump
  • How to clean: Wash before and after each use
  • How to use: Just a drop of lubricant inside the sheath creates the slip and sliding feeling of tongue and lips.
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