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Poppin' Rock Candy - Mango Tango

Poppin' Rock Candy - Mango Tango

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Introducing Poppin Rock Candy, the first edible product in the award-winning line of candy-inspired sex toys! Engineered by the Rock Candy confectioners, Poppin Rock Candy brings an explosive element to oral sex for couples with unique, authentic flavors, offering something for every taste! Ideally used during couples oral sex (prior to intercourse), a pack of Poppin Rock Candy is an effortless way to electrify bedroom play in a snap! Sweet candy crystals create a fizzy, popping sensation of tiny explosive bubbles when they hit the tongue - use a tiny amount, or the whole package to sweeten up oral sex and/or kissing.

Recommended use: prior to intercourse
Recommend wiping remaining candy/residue prior to penetration
Sold as a novelty only
If any discomfort occurs, discontinue use

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