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Precision Vx3

Precision Vx3

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The VX3 is a gentlemens enhancement system that consists of a vacuum chamber, trigger pump, soft removable airtight seal, and a penis ring. Precision engineered vacuum chamber is clear for viewing progress measuring 2.5" wide 10" in total length and accommodating 9.25" in penis length. Adjust the intensity with the two-finger trigger pump control handle and disengage with the quick release valve. The bonus elastomer penis ring helps maintain erection and elongate each VX3 experience.

Insertable Length: 9.25" (23.495cm)


  • Phthalate Free


  • Length: 7.5
  • Width: 2.5
  • Color: Clear
  • Special Features: Pressure realse valve
  • Purpose: Male enhancement system for maximum results.
  • How to clean: Wash with soap and water before and after each use. Towel dry.
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